Hello. My name is Sebastian Hall and I'm an interaction designer. I spend my days designing human-centered products and services over at awesome digital transformation agency Hello Future.

My goal is to make designs that are easy to use and look good. I try to remove things that are confusing, unnecessary or does not add value.

I don't think interaction designers should be geniuses that create things in ivory towers. Good results are often a result of aligned and enthusiatic collaboration. I always try to increase transparency of my processes, methods and tools. I want to invite others in and increase collaboration.

See the following links if you are interested in my work. If you'd like to chat you can hit me up on Messenger or Twitter.


Redesigned website. I did interaction design, visual design and responsive front end development

Usability Sprint

I created and packaged a new service from Hello Future - concept, copy, responsive design

Målningarna på Finnforsberget

Museum archeologist availability project for Skellefteå museum - I designed and coded this web experience


I performed usability studies of a range of prototypes and reported results and recommendations to Telenor


I performed several UX-activities in an extensive product design project. Prototyping, usability testing among many other things


A service design government project. Connect social services with youth in need, on their own terms

King of Space

iOS game - the result of a maker space weekend project. I did UI design and website

Skellefteå Kraft

Usability testing, design work and other UX-activities mainly around the checkout flow for new customers and "Mina Sidor"


Front end development - html, css, responsive design

LFC History

A timeline of Liverpool FC's past managers and trophies. Made for fun over a weekend